Saturday, 30 June 2018

Ford: Guess Who's Subsidizing Polluters Now?

The first thing Doug Ford, Ontario's 26th premier did was to end Ontario's cap and trade and emission reduction programs. Yet he says he knows we want clean water, air....Connection, Doug!

Just like Trump, Ford is attacking the people. We are part of the air, land, water....We are dependent, like children on our environment: our habitat. You are not for the people when you attack and support those destroying our habitat. Let's remember we share it with infinite other beings - to whom we are dependent and should be grate-ful for.

The elimination of cap and trade will "cost" Ontario between $2 and $4 Billion!!!

So where will this lost money come from? He did not account for this - or much - but was still elected. Duh! What an uneducated public! Did Mike Harris and Harper not do enough damage?

Oh, but we need more attacks: let's reduce the price of gas by 10 cents. Hmm. Who will pay for that then?
That's about $1.19 Billion . So the taxes that were going toward roads, social services, etc. will be lost. They will be made up through cuts to social programs. "Oh, but I'm here for the little guy [sic]". Lies.

The car is  the major polluter today [well, the drivers are, really]. Not only do we have 2000000 dead in Iraq for the oil, ISIS as a result, 4-5,000,000 refugees [Iraq alone!]....but drivers kill 1,300,000 people yearly worldwide. And that is not talking about the wiping out of entire eco-systems for roads, mines for resources for the roads, oil spills, Tar Sands devastation, water, land, air pollution.... When will it end?

Time to at least get out of the car, support other forms of transportation....get involved politically....locally and nationally. See other posts for ideas. Time to defeat the old adage: Give me convenience of give me death

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Where Did The Birds And Bees Go? Hello Mall!

You love the little cute birdies
But you complain
You don't see them

Why not?
What happened?
What did you do?
What did you NOT do?

Well let's see
You cut all trees
To put your big house
In their place

The birdies used to live
In them
In fact, their home was bulldozed over
Just like a Palestinian home by Israel

Many birds need vast areas
Like thousands of acres
Or they won't inhabit the area
Pave-ment is no substitute

Cut the trees
Plough the land
Plant your vegan food
The birds die

Make that 'pure' green lawn
Monoculture of non-native species
That feed no one but your ego
And the chemical companies' bank account

"Wow, Johnny, how did you get such a nice lawn?"
"Well", says Johnny, "instead of planting a garden for food,
I sprayed lots of pesticides, insecticide and fertilizers on it".
Suddenly the birds eating the poisoned worms died

A pain-filled death
But Johnny has no idea
He drives everywhere listening to great tunes
So he doesn't hear their cries of agony

And his windows are sealed shut
With the A/C on full blast
Sheltered from the real-ity and consequences of his stupidity and self-indulgence
Life is good, he smiles....

But the micro-organisms
And the frogs
Are poisoned out of their homes
Abandoned by human 'kind'

The insects are gone - their habitat replaced by lawns, high-ways, ....
Place of importance
So the birds search for food
But the dandelions that were insect homes

Wiped out
In accordance with your neighbour's wishes [must get his approval]
And the ads telling you what to think/do about your lawn/life
To many their lawn is their life - and death of others

But, hey, LOOK
A mall is being built on more of THEIR land
No need to whine
Let's go shopping

But we can't live without
The frogs, the birds, the water, the air
Fill up your bag and credit card
To avoid the empty-ness of loss connect-i-on

With one an-other
With our brothers and sisters that are non-human
Yet are more human than us
Just watch the birds

Four mouths wide open
Waiting for mom and dad to bring  worms
And they do so all day long
Nourishing...not hurting others

As people destroy their homes
As people bomb others' homes
As people make convenience their god
As people  ignore the dying and silent ones

Monday, 9 April 2018

MLK Was Not Constipated

Constipated people
Grumpy people
Clinging to their pettiness
Dirty floor

After a most beauty-full
Snowfall in April:
“It would be beautiful
IF in December”

It stands out more now
Trees covered with white gold
Out-standing glory

Petty people
With no-thing to say but shit
With-holding glee
With-holding play-full-ness

Whiny little brats
Using all the earth’s resources
In the blink of a moment
Without a blink of the eye

Hearts covered in fear, anger and resent-ment
Having and taking so much
But giving nothing
Not even a shimmer of gratitude

On a national/world scale
The 3 evils Martin Luther King’s death anniversary smashes in our faces:
Racism, materialism, militarism
Abound in leaps and….

But the peepers still come out
Calling out for mates
The joy of spring surpasses
The little people that fill in the marsh for their McMansion

The toadies can see at night
They know their environment
And do nothing to damage it
It is all they have

Yet “civilized” people continue to escalate in numbers
Far beyond the habitat can bear
Using more and more
Devouring their habitat

Is this not insane?
To consciously devour “your” air, land, water
Instant grat-i-fication
Instant and long term cancer death trap

There is a way out
It requires sacrifice from the spoilt brats
It requires thinking, caring, act-ing
For other living be-ings

Tech will not “save” us
Start by getting out of your car/plane
Stopping war for the fuel for your car/plane/toxic herbicides and fertilizers
End your greed and lust for MORE and MORE and MORE and….

Time to grow up
Time to take respons-iblity
Time to end your dominance
Time to plant some roses to smell!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Killing: Militarization Of Everyday Life

The U.S. military
Is the largest in the world
Spending more than the next 7 countries

"Do what we say
Or we'll kill you"
Is the government's mantra
Good Christian ethic

Cops kill
And don't get punished
Especially if it's "just" a black
Cops more important

Politicians lie
Nothin' happens
The mass stays passive
And/or ignorant....ah, bliss...

1 in 4 kids don't have adequate food
Teachers have to feed the kids in schools [like W.Virginia]
But there's almost $1,000,000,000 for bombs
And "security"

Security you say......Don't trust your neighbour
Don't trust anyone except authority figures:
Cops, Docs, Lawyers, Politicians....
Or anyone with a gun strapped to their body like an appendage

About 6% trust politicians
About 86% trust the military:
Esteemed by the prez
Esteemed by the media

The military IS our foreign policy
America is #1
We are exceptional!
Watch out MF's

So when some kid thinks it's ok to storm a school
Armed with assault weapons
Armed with a life of being told to not feel anything but anger
Armed with the answer to all the worlds' problems: P O W E R

How can any one be surprised?
90 gun deaths everyday in good ole U S A!
Where the second amendment keeps the nation
And hence the world safe and sound

Hear the sound of the school bells ring
Hear the sound of clang in the politicians pockets
[thanx NRA for supporting the gun industry...and free-dom of course!]
Hear the sound of teeth grinding as we all live in fear of each other
Hear the sound of agony as we lose each other to violence: here, in war, in car 'accidents', in....

Lock your doors
Get your gun
So you can shoot your neighbour who wants your stuff
Welcome to "America"

The country with the most inequality of any
People living in fear
Why not equalize pay among all?
No more greed - no more need...

How 'bout some of the Christian love you spout about
"Love thy neighbour"....feed your neighbour...embrace your neighbour
Lay your life down for you neighbour
Die for your neighbour 

Jesus said to turn the other cheek
Do the exact opposite of the instinctual [or conditioned] retaliation
Love even thy enemy
Do hence forth andl "make America great again"!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

"I AM Independent", she firmly stated...

I'm totally in-dependent
I don't 'need' any-one
I'm totally self-sufficient
I can handle any-thing

I am goddess
I am shaman
I am capable of doing any-thing
I can full-fill all my dreams

I can't live with-out my phone
I can't live with-out my car
I can't live with-out the grocery store
I can't live with-out my job

But I need a mechanic to fix my car
But I need a dentist to fix my teeth
But I need a 'geek' to fix my electronics
But I need a psychologist to help me deal with those weak people

We used to value inter-depend-ency
We used to value commun-i-ty
We used to be able to admit our help-less-ness
We used to be humble

We have been lied to
You are invincible
You are perfect
You are wonder-ful

We have little tolerance for the ordinary
We dream big
We live big
Our hearts and lives are full of greed and self-indulgence

We can be rich
We can be power-full
We can go where-ever and when-ever we want [after I ask my boss]
We are celebrity

Our fantasy is real
We don't settle for any-thing less than ______________
For we lack empathy
For we ride above the clouds

Smash: We find our-selves through others and institutions
Through face to face inter-act-i-ons of love, work, learning, ....growing
With others, through others: serving rather than be-ing served
This is cult-ur-e

This is life
The worship of the individual
Has sunken down deep into the murky waters of narcissism
Drowning us in misery and dissatisfaction

It's time to join
Hand in hand
Ex-pressing needs and reaching out to help

It is through inter-dependence that we find mean-ing
When we unite with others and all creation
Esteeming commitment and discipline
This is real person-hood.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Sexual Harassment Reporting/Occurence: 11 Reasons Of Shame

1.       Women are considered as objects to be viewed, used and abused. Media, including Hollywood garbage films, fairy tales [including Grimes], religion, many institutions, and most businesses support this disgusting belief/practice.

2.       We live in very hierarchical societies. Men [some] are at the top. The rest of us are to strive to “get ahead” and strive for wealth, power and fame. Our schooling, work, cultures, religions again support this. People fear those “above” them. Most fear losing the approval of “superiors”.  We have no power and can lose our jobs due to some whim of the boss. This is very much the foundation of capitalism and what some call “democracy”.  We “need” a leader. What would we do if we shared power in all areas of our lives? Imagine.

3.       Age-ism still controls our societies. The young should [silently] obey elders. This is highlighted and esteemed in many cultures, including indigenous cultures – as a means of oppression. On the other hand, youth is romanticized and idealized in many respects.

4.       Civilization demands conformity. We are like herd animals. We fear not fitting in. While we pretend and fantasize about the lone heroes and rebels, they are rare and disdained on most levels. Again this is taught and reinforced in all groups, cultures, religions, etc. Many deny this, yet others, including indigenous and more traditional cultures esteem conformity. In fact, all groups are unified through this mechanism.

5.       Our world is extremely Macho. Men must not cry. Men can do what they want. Men are tough. Sports and the fetishism of sports reinforces this maladjustment! Note the millions or billions that follow sports that are violent and competitive. While competition can be healthy, when athletes drug up and do almost anything to win – to be the hero [with corporate sponsorship/endorsement] – something is wrong. Men still are praise to “conquer” women sexually. And both sexes are esteemed for dominating Nature: the destructive car is the weapon.

6.       We are insecure and seek the approval of others – even above the approval of our-selves. Putney has termed this “indirect self acceptance”. Some like M.Scott Peck thinks that the good father is good not because he cares about his child but to receive praise from his neighbor.

7.       We lie to justify silence. “Oh I don’t want to make the situation worse”…”I didn’t know what to do”…  As therapist Alice Miller states, we need to break down the wall of silence. Good luck everybody!

8.       We fear confrontation. While many clearly don’t, but some do. So we would rather be dishonest to ourselves and to others than be “uncomfortable”. Again we fear disapproval and being outcast from the group. The lamest attack on the victim is “you’re too sensitive” [when it is the other that really is…ie. Don’t reveal my faults or I will attack/belittle you].

9.       Imitation is the key to success in life. How oft is the different child and then later, adult considered “weird”, “strange” etc. They may have few or no friends because they don’t imitate the crowd. Perhaps they don’t think, speak, buy, wear, etc. the same as the rest. 

10.   Lastly, until we realize that most of the problems are structural, nothing will change. We need all levels of religion, culture, work, school to change. See my previous  article that discusses how religion tells women to cover themselves while men are free to do what they want. We also need to acknowledge that many men are verbally and physically abused. This barely gets discussed. Part of the problem is that men fear coming forth: they are told to be silent, “silence is strength”. There are very few if any supports for men. And a “real” “man” would never break the code of silence.

11.   The final is sexualization. This occurs when non-sexual needs are misplaced as sexual ones. Most men dare not ask for a hug when sad [most men never know/admit they have such a “weak” emotion]. No, instead, but most men and many women will gladly punch you in the face. To touch somebody in a sexual way should be replaced with a revelation of our true deep feelings and needs. Affection and empathy are most likely what are needed in such cases. But who has the courage to ex-press such needs and be vulnerable.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Remembrance Day* Ode: What Happened To The War To End All Wars?

Let us remember those who died
In an-other "war to end all wars"
We keep hearing the same line
Yet  continue to line up

To die
"Defending" our country
More like the few who own
The country

It's not "our" country
It's the financial barrons who own all
It's the arms manufactures smiling as the Prez tweets war
It's the racist, sheltered, hate filled who ignore Jesus' command to "love thy enemy".

Big money in war
Big money in killing
Big corporations and small men making billions
Big devastation of bodies, families, land, water, present, future...

"I served my country"
Really? How? Why? Who told you that?
Did you question their ass-umpt-i-ons?
Did you question the motives?

I was told "We're blowing them up to bring democracy"
Wow, we are good people
Yet I see them devoured by our weapons of mass destruction
We are devoured by lies of mass destruction

Didn't anyone ever consider diplomacy?
Didn't anyone ever consider disarming EVERYONE?
Didn't anyone ever learn, as we did in Sunday School, to not retaliate?
Didn't anyone ever tell you that throwing stones [esp. super big ones] does hurt?

Yet we see the same profiteers jeering for more war
The lust for power, money and hegemony [ok, and oil]
Or is it the lust for blood
And the thrill of murder?

Or perhaps it's more
That those making the decisions
Are not on the front lines?
Like the poor who need a job

Put the presidents out there
Make him die for his country
Or for the corporation that pays him a hefty dividend
Money and corruption and corrupt souls are his buddies

Huh? An economy of violence: U.S. spends 60% of budget
On murder - More than the rest of the world
And who appointed a dotard as world leader?
We all need to be leaders/co-operators: not one man [or dotard]!

The romanticizes of war must end
The real suffering must be felt by the purveyors of violence
The truth that more war is not the answer must come forth
The blind sub-mission of soldiers, cops, all of us needs to stop!

If we refused to go to war
There would not be war
If we refuse to support this system
The system will shut down

It's time to stop being loyal to a party, ideology or a nation
And to unite with all creation: our human and non-human brothers and sisters
To bring life and healing and com-passion [feel with]!
To stop the hate and follow that Sunday School lesson!

*November 11 in Canada

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Can A Doll Be A Muslim Or A Terror-ist?*

Governments are be-coming more right-wing and racist [along with fascistic].... Trump has led the way to hate - whether it be Mexicans or Muslims. He wants to force Mexico to pay for "the wall". Likewise, keep the Muslims out by an invisible wall.

Austria and Quebec are both discriminating against people covering their faces. While this may not affect huge numbers, it is clearly directed toward the Muslim population and unacceptable.

Interestingly, there are more terror-ist attacks in the U.S. committed by white right-wing "nut jobs" than Muslims. But it's easier to stir up hate for Muslims. Let's remember the attack on Iraq was essentially state sponsored terrorism: using violence to destroy another government, people, land, air....

While some Muslims in the West do "choose" to cover their faces or heads, in many countries they have no choice at all. This is not discussed. And why is it that only women cover? Why don't men? This applies to many religions and cultures. Is this not an indication of sexism? Is this not the result of living in patriarchal societies? It is quite astonishing that this discussion is rare-ly brought up.

We can justify any-thing when we are well indoctrinated. We see this in all areas of society, religion, culture... Just as many here are indoctrinate to hate people that are different, we follow along without questioning. When someone points out biases, sexism, patriarchy, etc. it is easy to run from these real-i-ties by the adage "I chose to think/do/wear..." . We see this in Evangelical churches in the West also, where women are considered less worthy to be leaders both in the home and church. When confronted, the chant is "the bible says...". Likewise others say "the koran says..".

It's easy to "point the finger" [or the gun] but when we do this, there are 3 fingers pointing back at us! Much of the problems begin with blind obedience to a text. To say a text is sacred and inerrant is itself inerrant! Reducing issues/life to black/white simple answers should make us all un-comfort-able. Yet we are told to seek comfort, security and peace in empty platitudes and obedience.

Rather, let love guide us. This includes justice, equality...which all must stem from Com-passion [feel with]. Only compassion can save us from dominating others. We also need to consider the domination of nature [which we are part of!]: the land, air, water, ... all the way "down" to micro-organisms: all of whom we are vitally dependent on.

* The pic is of a doll! and "she" is neither Muslim nor terrorist. She is just a little IS Canada after all! :)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science Fails The Science Test!

We are told that science is pure
We are TOLD that science is PRO-gress
We are told we would be "in the dark ages"[assuming/implying that would be "bad"] without science
Thank goodness we know climate change is real! Thanks Exxon! [Exxon and other Big Oil had the science to prove human induced climate change in the 1970s. They made changes to their rigs, etc. But they dared not tell "us".]

But is science really "neutral" and "value free"? Anyone that took a grade one science class - you know with play-dough and paint - knows that science is NEITHER!

As Kathy Greeley and Sue Tafler state: "The way science is used - the kinds of questions asked, the kinds of research funded, the application of scientific theories - is determined by those controlling the pursestrings and values of each society." We see in our society that this "pure and undefiled" striving for knowledge serves the class interests of a small elite group that values profit and private property over humans, nonhumans and their well-being. Not only so, but their very existence is determined by both the material and ideological class interests of the few.

Scientists are put on the pedestal - or, more precisely, behind the high priest veil of infallibility and wisdom. We must seek their blessings and submit to their prescriptions for a better world. The class nature of practice of science is blurred - not even brought "to the light" - as we are taught to follow their "expertise" without question.

Surely, they would do no harm to us! Hmmm. Who made the atomic bomb? Where did chemical weapons come from? Where did all weapons come from? Who/why were the #1 killer of kids come from? [cars - not to mention the formation of ISIS as a result of wiping out nearly 2000000 Iraqis, ad nauseum!...]. Who created the surveillance systems that are following what I am writing and you are reading at this exact moment? Who is benefiting from recombinant DNA [GMOs being one example of them]. Without the regulation of government and, even, the blessing of government, what will become of the above?

Let us not forget that the majority of research if for the military or business [or the biz of military: the U.S. spends about 60% of its budget on military! Well they do have to "lead" the world in the way of peace, love and kindness!].

Seeking, demanding technological solutions to social and political problems, the establishment ideology continues to persuade us of our power-less-ness and the need for submission.

We will continue the discussion here and also look at, perhaps the biggest "un-scientific" area of science: nutritional science - at  The idea of creating a hypothesis, testing it, retesting it, changing it, etc. is almost non-existent in many areas of science - especially that of "food", as we will see.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

You Ain't Notin' Un-less...

You ain't notin'
Less than un
A, One, No-thing

Unless you're published
Unless you're certified
By someone who is certified
Legitimized by a higher authority/power

Don't give up
Your authenticity
You-r genuine-ness
To be approved

By them
By some out-side body
Body of government
Body in hu-man form

Stand up

The status quo
The celebrity cult-u-r-e
The "I'm no-body un-less you certify me to be some-body"
The "I'm accept-able because you approve of my words, thoughts, looks, style, car, job/no job, ...]

My American Dream is about trampling
Down the white picket fence to
Let the weeds grow and take over the world
While their yellow flowers pollinate and feed wild bees

While you trample the poor
I'll stand in your way
I'll get in your way
Come join

Once the road is closed
The flowers burst through
The smells over-whelm
Joy is once again lived through community

I turn toward you
I see the translucent colours reflected in your eyes
The flowers blowing through your hair
The setting sun's glow envelopes your long golden hair

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Earth Hour: The Ultimate Lip Service

Driving to see a film on air pollution.
Turning off the lights for 1 hour.
Church and non-churchie people feelin' good
About doin' notin' [say in Jamaican accent]

Keep the same
Ting goin' [J accent continued]
Keep the same
'blind eye' not see-in'

Mean-while the likes of Trump
deny human induced climate change
as he flies his jet every-where
as his hair [read: squirrel {sorry squirrel}] flies every-where

John Duffy congratulates Trudeau for 
"a position that allows it's oil to be digested
ethically by people who are concerned
about environmental issues". 

Ethical destruct-i-on
[Yes "I", you, us...]
of the air, water, land, soil

But it's ok: 
you are ethically doing the right thing

You care about the environment
You are a good person
honk honk
wake up!!!

But it's ok
The pipeline is shiny
We aren't burning the filthy gooo
Some-body else is

We are good people
Vroom .... watch me go
Oops I left a light on
Better drive home to turn it off!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The HIDDEN Mean-ing of "Happy New Year"

"Happy New Year"
"Merry Christmas"
"Have A Nice Day"

What do these mean?

Be happy
Be merry [a word never used except at Christ-mass]
Have a nice day as I go back to my crap job

I asked a guy what he meant
He said it's a phrase for between Christmas and the new year
I laughed

But he was caught off guard
Like robots 
People regurgitate what they are told to

And expected to say
Without thinking
Without heart

Mind-less dribble
Heart-less dribble

No soul
No love
No substance
No feel-ing

Shallow words 
Shallow people

Shouldn't we strive for meaning in our
And lives?!

How 'bout changing things up:

Suggesting others care for the air
We breathe

How 'bout caring about the rights of workers?!

How 'bout caring about equality, social justice, peace...?!

How 'bout saying something that might make people think?!

That might change their/our way of thinking
Our way of living
Our way of be-ing

To be more in harmony
With one an-other

More harmony

[We are part of/
Dependent on

Should we 
Be happy
If we cause suffering?

Should be having
A nice day
As we yell at our child?

Are the dead humans and non-humans
Killed out of our greed and convenient life-styles

Are the war policies that increase our wealth
By selling armaments to Saudi Arabia
Helping those attacked by Saudi Arabia
Have a nice day?

The super-ficial platitudes
Must pass away
Like an approaching cockroach

The empty words
The heart and the mind

Let's say something
A little less

Let's challenge
One an-other
To be/do better! 

We need 
To stop fear-ing

Time to grow up
And stop wanting others'

We need to speak out for the voice-less
And the weak

Do the right thing
Say the right thing

Have a nice day 
{While you ...}


Saturday, 29 October 2016

Shattered Dreams: Limits To Growth Or Nightmares

What exactly is this thing nice-ly named "growth". It sounds wonder-full. Like a seed sprouting from the soil and bringing forth life to all.But that is the good type of growth.

Today, growth means more highways, more shopping malls, bigger box stores, bigger factory/prison farms [you know where the animals are literally/figuratively locked up inside and eating food that acidifies their stomachs leading to e-coli growth, etc.], more surveillance [i.e. less privacy], bigger houses [for the few who can afford them - for example: the average house in Toronto is going for $1,200,000 today!]. Shall I continue?

It's a big definition that is far from exhausted here. So what are the "costs". Well, less green-space, which means less clean air, water, soil. Forests being wiped out by the second with bigger machines [that employ less people!]...farms turning into deserts through industrial agriculture's rapist being ripped up for resources such as oil, precious minerals to make i-phones and solar panels...Where can you go to hear "silence" or the absence of cars? Where can you go and see stars at night and darkness all around? Where can you go and be afraid of bears and cougars revealing some eco-systems still intact?

What happens to the workers? In the drive for higher profits, the workers lose rights, jobs, security. No longer does daddy have the same job his whole life. Women still don't get equal pay today! If you speak up you lose your job. Without any representation, be it a union or some form of collectivization, the worker is evermore a cog in the face-less machine. S/he doesn't matter. When the employer doesn't want you anymore, s/he will hire people to tell you to gather your stuff and leave - no notice - no face-to-face. Security guards will be there to assist you - especially in case you want to show some emotion, other than a smile.How dare you?!!!

With almost 9,000,000,000 arriving - the land, water, and air cannot sustain/survive. With most of the world living in cities now, where do people expect the land, water, air to come from? Who even wonders what happens to the exhaust from their car goes?  Does the investment holder care about the above being wiped out/polluted/taken from the peasants living there? And these are the ones called "ethical funds". 

Over 1,000,000,000 are starving right now. Yet we see food in the stores literally taken from their homelands to supply Europe and North America. Along with the food goes the labour, soil nutrients and water necessary to grow these. Banned chemicals are exported from the U.S. and applied by workers without any protective gear nor rights. The workers, the water, and the land are poisoned. And look at those huge grapes from Chile! The produce coming out of Mexico is huge - as are breasts of  little girls who have been poisoned by the chemicals. The chemicals alter the hormones of girls too young to grow breasts. So enjoy those avocados!

Isn't it time to end the nightmare? With  $100-170,000,000,000 in taxes not being paid in Canada alone, we see who is en-joy-ing the sweet dreams and who are living the night-mare [and don't forget the non-humans]! So what are you, us, all of us going to do?

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Electric Cars Un-Plugger: They Devour!

Some run to their electric cars pro-claiming they are “saving the world”. I ask from what?! Are these cars better than their gasoline counterparts?

·         The operating of them is only as “clean” as the source of electricity they use. In Ontario, 61% of the electricity comes from nuclear. Radiation and the issue of waste disposal are sure hazards.

·         All cars kill. They are the #1 killer of kids! In the U.S. there are more than 6,000,000 accidents per year, on average; over 2,000,000 injuries and about 50,000 deaths! Electric car resolve nothing in this respect.

·         The pollution to MAKE any car is immense.So if you think buying a new car will reduce pollution, keep dreaming.

·         The operation of any car pollutes: even the particular matter coming off the tires is a serious air pollutant. 

·         All vehicles result in more traffic. More traffic results in more lost time due to just sitting there – and, driving them! Billions are lost in productivity. 

·         People are fat and out of shape – and stressed! Driving does wonders for the body, heart and mind!

·         Eco-systems are wiped out for cars. The habitats of all life forms, including humans are wiped out and degraded for highways and roads to plow through.

·         Noise from cars causes great stress that leads to chronic health issues – including cancer. Perhaps electric cars are quieter but they do not sound like little chirpy birds that could be there instead!

·         Corporate control of our lives continues. The governments in Canada and the U.S. have bailed out – handed out – huge sums of money on “our behalf”. Has this really helped the average citizen? Are we really “free” or chained to our cars [or the illusion of need]?

·         Ever wonder why there is immense flooding? Well, let’s see….you wipe out the trees, swamps,…and put in concrete or pavement that doesn’t absorb the water as the forest/swamp does…and wham-o! 

·         Turtles are fighting a losing battle: one of the major causes for their decline is people intentionally hitting them! So if the road through their swamp isn’t enough to disrupt/kill them, stupid car drivers – including electric car drivers – will get them! Many die crossing roads also – along with many other nonhumans [and humans].

·         Cars and roads separate people from people and from nonhumans. Studies have shown that the busier the road, the less people cross the street – preventing people from developing community and having mobility. 

·         Cars stop community. How often do you get a smile, a hug, a handshake while driving? Instead you get a clenched fist, scornful looks, curses, even blows. But when walking or biking people oft say hi, chat, hug, make new friends and feel happier. They feel part of a community that cares – not of one that is selfishly just out for them-selves – and willing to hurt you emotionally or even physically, if it comes to that!

·         Cars are very expensive and depreciate greatly. Bank loans, insurance, fuel, maintenance, depreciation…are just some of the outrageous expenses! The myth that it’s cheaper than taking the bus is false. It’s estimated the true costs are about $1 per kilometer! And that is not including the wars fought to get materials to operate/build them! Even electric cars use fossil fuels in their construction. And guess what materials are used to make the roads?

So get out of the car “mode”! Get some exercise and meet and greet those around you. And do something good for the world now and find alternatives to this insane [destroying our habitat!] way of living/dying/taking lives.