Thursday, 17 March 2016

Electric Cars Un-Plugger: They Devour!

Some run to their electric cars pro-claiming they are “saving the world”. I ask from what?! Are these cars better than their gasoline counterparts?

·         The operating of them is only as “clean” as the source of electricity they use. In Ontario, 61% of the electricity comes from nuclear. Radiation and the issue of waste disposal are sure hazards.

·         All cars kill. They are the #1 killer of kids! In the U.S. there are more than 6,000,000 accidents per year, on average; over 2,000,000 injuries and about 50,000 deaths! Electric car resolve nothing in this respect.

·         The pollution to MAKE any car is immense.So if you think buying a new car will reduce pollution, keep dreaming.

·         The operation of any car pollutes: even the particular matter coming off the tires is a serious air pollutant. 

·         All vehicles result in more traffic. More traffic results in more lost time due to just sitting there – and, driving them! Billions are lost in productivity. 

·         People are fat and out of shape – and stressed! Driving does wonders for the body, heart and mind!

·         Eco-systems are wiped out for cars. The habitats of all life forms, including humans are wiped out and degraded for highways and roads to plow through.

·         Noise from cars causes great stress that leads to chronic health issues – including cancer. Perhaps electric cars are quieter but they do not sound like little chirpy birds that could be there instead!

·         Corporate control of our lives continues. The governments in Canada and the U.S. have bailed out – handed out – huge sums of money on “our behalf”. Has this really helped the average citizen? Are we really “free” or chained to our cars [or the illusion of need]?

·         Ever wonder why there is immense flooding? Well, let’s see….you wipe out the trees, swamps,…and put in concrete or pavement that doesn’t absorb the water as the forest/swamp does…and wham-o! 

·         Turtles are fighting a losing battle: one of the major causes for their decline is people intentionally hitting them! So if the road through their swamp isn’t enough to disrupt/kill them, stupid car drivers – including electric car drivers – will get them! Many die crossing roads also – along with many other nonhumans [and humans].

·         Cars and roads separate people from people and from nonhumans. Studies have shown that the busier the road, the less people cross the street – preventing people from developing community and having mobility. 

·         Cars stop community. How often do you get a smile, a hug, a handshake while driving? Instead you get a clenched fist, scornful looks, curses, even blows. But when walking or biking people oft say hi, chat, hug, make new friends and feel happier. They feel part of a community that cares – not of one that is selfishly just out for them-selves – and willing to hurt you emotionally or even physically, if it comes to that!

·         Cars are very expensive and depreciate greatly. Bank loans, insurance, fuel, maintenance, depreciation…are just some of the outrageous expenses! The myth that it’s cheaper than taking the bus is false. It’s estimated the true costs are about $1 per kilometer! And that is not including the wars fought to get materials to operate/build them! Even electric cars use fossil fuels in their construction. And guess what materials are used to make the roads?

So get out of the car “mode”! Get some exercise and meet and greet those around you. And do something good for the world now and find alternatives to this insane [destroying our habitat!] way of living/dying/taking lives.