Thursday, 6 August 2015

Atomic Attack 70 Years Later

We played in the forest
Every day

"Come here little birdies"
And they flew over 
And we played
Till dark

We smelt the wonder-ful
And watched the bumble bees
Gather pollen and buzz near our heads

We chased the butterflies
And told the frogs
All our secrets

Then we heard 
Then we felt

Shock waves
Heat waves
Radiation waves


De-form-ed bodies
Tortured by deformed minds
From far far away

Truman tells the public how amazing the bomb is...
Like a foolish child playing with his new toy

Thank you scientists, engineers, business and government "leaders"



Advance-ment in science
[and domination/arrogance]

140,000 Murdered in Hiroshima
3 Days Later: 70,000 Victims in Nagasaki 

[numbers say no-thing
about the truth of the agony]

Today the U.S. continues to spend over $1,000,000,000,000 on updating the evil weapons, while Obama said in 2013 that he would decrease the insanity.