Thursday, 14 May 2015

"I Don't Care That My Lawnmower Pollutes," says Young Mother Of Two

That's right. Why care about the pollution from cutting a HUGE lawn? She's "not an "environmentalist"' - so why should she care?! I should have asked what that all means. But I was a little stunned by her apathy, and the disconnection between human activity and pollution. And the disconnect between us and "the environment" - the air, water, land...we are part of them and need them all. More importantly though, she lacked any sense of responsibility for how she lives, others live or, ultimately, how civilized man [sic indeed] lives. I did reply that I would think she would care since she has 2 young boys to think of.

The dis-c o n n e c t
is a jolt to the head
or more to the heart

Will a jolt 
make people wake up?

Haven't all the reports
on climate change
and habitat loss
and no clean water
no edible fish...
ad nauseum
made an 'impact'

When is it enough to stop
and think
to stop
hurting others

and our-selves

is destroying
the habitat
you live in

does that include
deluding our-selves
into thinking 
or non-thinking?
[that we have no impact
both on our surroundings
and to change our impact]

time is running out
so it's time to start running
toward solutions
toward change
toward caring
and self-sacrifice

Why do a few privileged
get to use up all the resources
and live in luxury
and self-indulgence
while most can't even get a glass 
of water?

stage 1: denial
stage 2: entitlement
stage 3: justification

stage 4:

Monday, 4 May 2015

The Soil Is A-Live: Pooping And Having Babies

Walking on "my" land
The leaves moving
Rustle Rustle, Russell?
What/who is it?

I get scared
I run
I hide
I come back

I must get the torch
I want to see
What I hear
What is it?

I see the fiddle heads popping up
I hear the leaves move
Is there an animal playing in them?
Is something fighting?

I sneak up
I peek
I hear the peepers far away
Clothing the night in bliss

The leaves move
I get a glimpse
A huge worm has made a tunnel
And now is….

Pulling the leaves
Down into the hole
Chewing Eating Pooping
A great resource

But I walk by the neighbour’s
Silent Dead Lawn
The Silent Sound Of Death

But “our” land
Is A-live
Full of worms
And poop

Perhaps no queefs
Or farts
But just poop
That will feed the plants

Popping out of the soil
The new plants spring forth
In the spring
Full of life, as is their womb.

The land is not mine
It is ours
Two hand-fulls of soil
Have over 6000000000 life forms in it

We share this precious place
So I feed them
I provide a home
And they provide a home for me

And they provide life
The soil sequesters the carbon that "we" make
But we need to stop making
And, rather, make more a home

A living hone
For the worms and other organisms
That partner with us
To make a home for us all.