Thursday, 24 December 2015

U.S. Justice: Dream Somebody Rapes You And He Will Go To Jail! Well, If He Is Black...

Today Clarence Moses-El is out of prison. 
All the evidence says he is/was innocent. 
Even the real rapist has confessed.

 How did Moses-El get convicted? 
Well, simply put, the woman dreamed it was he who raped her. 
Some dream!
Some night-mare!
Some "justice" system.

Evidence ignored
Rational-ity denied

Even after raising money while in prison to get the evidence checked for DNA etc., the box - marked "Do Not Destroy" was destroyed by the police. 
There to "serve and protect"

Even after the rapist confesses
The court sat on the confession
2 years!!!

And even today the DA who has been after him still wants another trial. Hmmm. Justice?

An innocent man locked away for 28 years.
Police and court corruption

Past time for reform
The system needs to be destroyed
Let the people rule
Let justice begin! 

See for more and Moses-El's facebook page

Friday, 4 December 2015

Dispossessed but defiant: An international photo exhibition on Indigenous struggles

Finally, there is an Art Show that makes a statement about justice or the lack thereof. Too much "art" is just self-indulgence ad nauseum! As Brecht said "Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it".

At the reception of the Art Show, Danielle Boissoneau, of Idle No More, spoke on native people in Canada. She thinks that art is one way to get people to change and make the world more just. She noted the terrible residential schools and other horrors that should be well known to anyone living in Canada. It really is time for all to no longer be idle. We need to demand change. Now.

Yara Shoufani, co-chair of Solidarity with Palestinian Human Rights (McMaster), also spoke on Palestine. Sadly most Canadian don't know much about the continuing injustice done to the Palestinians. They continued to be occupied, illegally, according to the UN! They live under apartheid conditions. Yet the Jewish settlements continue to expand. This continues with U.S. support or blind eyes

One picture of the exhibit showed the immense Palestinian farms before being taken over by the Jews. It also showed the Jaffa orange - created by Palestinians. The exporting of the oranges used to be a major source of income for many farmers. Now it is hard to even get to your land, if you have any left. Not only does the Wall prevent you but this wall also takes up 10% of Palestinian land. How just is it that some are taken from their land, that others may possess them?

Sadly, the corporate media deceives most to think all is fine. As Danielle said, we need to think for ourselves. While there are great sources like Democracy Now, we need to share with our peers and especially those that may disagree with us, as Yara noted. 

The dispossession nature continues to plague the entire world in the name of progress and capitalism. What is being done to stop this? Watch for discussion on the talks in Paris.

I pointed out that it's ironic that the Jewish Scriptures condemn such injustice. Habakkuk [ch.2] notes:

Because you have plundered many nations, 
the people who are left will plunder you...
Woe to him who builds his realm by unjust gain
to set his nest on high...
Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed
and establishes a town by crime

The conquest of all countries/land/nature is well described by the above verses.More discussion can be found here

Danille is on the left and Yara on the right. See here for more shots. The exhibit finishes December 9 at the The Pearl Company

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Atomic Attack 70 Years Later

We played in the forest
Every day

"Come here little birdies"
And they flew over 
And we played
Till dark

We smelt the wonder-ful
And watched the bumble bees
Gather pollen and buzz near our heads

We chased the butterflies
And told the frogs
All our secrets

Then we heard 
Then we felt

Shock waves
Heat waves
Radiation waves


De-form-ed bodies
Tortured by deformed minds
From far far away

Truman tells the public how amazing the bomb is...
Like a foolish child playing with his new toy

Thank you scientists, engineers, business and government "leaders"



Advance-ment in science
[and domination/arrogance]

140,000 Murdered in Hiroshima
3 Days Later: 70,000 Victims in Nagasaki 

[numbers say no-thing
about the truth of the agony]

Today the U.S. continues to spend over $1,000,000,000,000 on updating the evil weapons, while Obama said in 2013 that he would decrease the insanity.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Clean Air Or Die Of Cancer! "Your" "Choice"!

The environment, like the human, has certain unalienable rights,
and those rights are endowed to it by the Creator and,
as a result, they may not be summarily dismissed or violated.
It is the obligation of society to respect and protect
these rights with the same procedures, institutions, and legislative
initiatives that are employed to guarantee and protect the rights of [humans].
And even if it, at times, must be done...
at the expense of personal privileges
and individual rights.
-Jonathan Helfands, "Religion and Environmental Ethics"
from "The Green Bible".

Sadly, the poor do not have these well as many others. One just needs to be minimally aware of the abuse of Blacks in the USA by the police to see that many have no rights...and we see that a few have all the rights. "Power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely....". So when/what are we doing to take it away. "Just a few bad apples"...ugh! When exploitation is SYSTEMATIC, changing a few players won't do the job. 

While we do have to "sacrifice" for others. Is it really "that" hard to compost your poop, grow some food, walk, ride, bus.... But let us not forget it is corporations, the military, factory farming [an other HUGE corporation], to name a few,  that must take responsibility and repent [change]. Considering that California is having a huge drought, most of the water goes to factory farms [torture prisons]. The vast mono-crops of almonds and rice continue. Growing food in a desert for the rest of the country/world is not sustainable or reason-able.

Let's rip up lawns, get chickens and plant veges.See earlier post for more ideas to participate in. And remember, we need the land to grow on. So how do we get it back?

The ants got it right:

Thursday, 14 May 2015

"I Don't Care That My Lawnmower Pollutes," says Young Mother Of Two

That's right. Why care about the pollution from cutting a HUGE lawn? She's "not an "environmentalist"' - so why should she care?! I should have asked what that all means. But I was a little stunned by her apathy, and the disconnection between human activity and pollution. And the disconnect between us and "the environment" - the air, water, land...we are part of them and need them all. More importantly though, she lacked any sense of responsibility for how she lives, others live or, ultimately, how civilized man [sic indeed] lives. I did reply that I would think she would care since she has 2 young boys to think of.

The dis-c o n n e c t
is a jolt to the head
or more to the heart

Will a jolt 
make people wake up?

Haven't all the reports
on climate change
and habitat loss
and no clean water
no edible fish...
ad nauseum
made an 'impact'

When is it enough to stop
and think
to stop
hurting others

and our-selves

is destroying
the habitat
you live in

does that include
deluding our-selves
into thinking 
or non-thinking?
[that we have no impact
both on our surroundings
and to change our impact]

time is running out
so it's time to start running
toward solutions
toward change
toward caring
and self-sacrifice

Why do a few privileged
get to use up all the resources
and live in luxury
and self-indulgence
while most can't even get a glass 
of water?

stage 1: denial
stage 2: entitlement
stage 3: justification

stage 4:

Monday, 4 May 2015

The Soil Is A-Live: Pooping And Having Babies

Walking on "my" land
The leaves moving
Rustle Rustle, Russell?
What/who is it?

I get scared
I run
I hide
I come back

I must get the torch
I want to see
What I hear
What is it?

I see the fiddle heads popping up
I hear the leaves move
Is there an animal playing in them?
Is something fighting?

I sneak up
I peek
I hear the peepers far away
Clothing the night in bliss

The leaves move
I get a glimpse
A huge worm has made a tunnel
And now is….

Pulling the leaves
Down into the hole
Chewing Eating Pooping
A great resource

But I walk by the neighbour’s
Silent Dead Lawn
The Silent Sound Of Death

But “our” land
Is A-live
Full of worms
And poop

Perhaps no queefs
Or farts
But just poop
That will feed the plants

Popping out of the soil
The new plants spring forth
In the spring
Full of life, as is their womb.

The land is not mine
It is ours
Two hand-fulls of soil
Have over 6000000000 life forms in it

We share this precious place
So I feed them
I provide a home
And they provide a home for me

And they provide life
The soil sequesters the carbon that "we" make
But we need to stop making
And, rather, make more a home

A living hone
For the worms and other organisms
That partner with us
To make a home for us all.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Is Veganism Good For The "Environment"?

Many are "going" vegan/vegetarian with the motivation of "helping" the "environment". The quotation marks are necessary as these terms are extremely broad and largely misunderstood. We'll go with the basic understandings to save space.

First we must establish that comparing a vegan diet to an omnivore one means we are conceding that factory farming is evil. It enslaves animals in feed lots with little or no room to move. They may be caged in very in-humane conditions. This is just "touching the tip of the iceberg"...

But we need to ask the consumer of food, "where does your food grow"? The vegan gets protein from grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Do these grow locally? Rarely. So they need to be transported, often thousands of kilometres. Not only does this cause immense pollution but the roads and production of the vehicles themselves wipe out eco-systems.Let's remember that there are over 6000000 car accidents in the U.S. alone. Some estimate non-human victims at the rate of 1000000/day.

How is the food grown? To farm, forests, meadows, swamps, prairie lands are wiped out - as are all the animals, insects, micro-organisms that lived there. Entire eco-systems are devoured to grow the vegans' food. Is this good for the planet?

Why is it ok to wipe out micro-organisms but not kill a cow? This presents the hierarchy of the value of life underlying the vegan's choice of food. Of course, damage can be somewhat minimalized through organic ag but incredible damage continues.

Agriculture creates deserts. It destroys the soil. Soil is life. Some say we were formed from soil [Genesis creation account]. We cannot live without it. It is full of life. Two hand fulls of soil have more microorganisms in it than there are people on this planet! All are wiped out to grow the vegans' food Good for the environment?

In the N.E. U.S. and Canada, the soil has been becoming less. Many think this is due to the growing of grains without animals providing the all important manure. Manure builds the soil. And as cows pull on PERENNIALS, they actually increase in root structure and volume. Annuals require the soil to be worked up by a tractor - which pollutes and the soil is degraded and compacted. Having perennials and animals that eat them builds the soil.

And what makes plants grow? Manure or fossil fuel derived fertilizers. Animals poop is the best - the balanced way to fertilize and build the soil. If you are against this...well then, get out the toxic chemical fertilizers. What are they made from? Oil. And remember the 2000000000 dead people of Iraq when eating the soy burger! Not only is soy very unhealthy [a future discussion], but its' short roots do little for the soil. And remember that all soy, unless organic is GMO. Now you're supporting the control of our food by the M corp. [Monsanto].[Editor's note: they have recently been bought-out by Bayer - who control over 25% of the toxic spray market].

To build the soil, perennials need to be grown in place of annuals . The animals poop feeds the land, builds the land, builds the soil. This soil is the basis of all life. Without fertile soil we can not grow food...we can not live. Fertile soil is also a carbon sink.

Let us continue the discussion. Highly recommended is Lierre Keith's "The Vegetarian Myth".

Monday, 2 February 2015

Go F%#@ Your-self, NATURE!

The land
Is owned
By a

The air
Is No
To Be 

But where

Stay a-way
We don't need you
We don't like you [any more]