Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Clean Air Or Die Of Cancer! "Your" "Choice"!

The environment, like the human, has certain unalienable rights,
and those rights are endowed to it by the Creator and,
as a result, they may not be summarily dismissed or violated.
It is the obligation of society to respect and protect
these rights with the same procedures, institutions, and legislative
initiatives that are employed to guarantee and protect the rights of [humans].
And even if it, at times, must be done...
at the expense of personal privileges
and individual rights.
-Jonathan Helfands, "Religion and Environmental Ethics"
from "The Green Bible".

Sadly, the poor do not have these rights...as well as many others. One just needs to be minimally aware of the abuse of Blacks in the USA by the police to see that many have no rights...and we see that a few have all the rights. "Power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely....". So when/what are we doing to take it away. "Just a few bad apples"...ugh! When exploitation is SYSTEMATIC, changing a few players won't do the job. 

While we do have to "sacrifice" for others. Is it really "that" hard to compost your poop, grow some food, walk, ride, bus.... But let us not forget it is corporations, the military, factory farming [an other HUGE corporation], to name a few,  that must take responsibility and repent [change]. Considering that California is having a huge drought, most of the water goes to factory farms [torture prisons]. The vast mono-crops of almonds and rice continue. Growing food in a desert for the rest of the country/world is not sustainable or reason-able.

Let's rip up lawns, get chickens and plant veges.See earlier post for more ideas to participate in. And remember, we need the land to grow on. So how do we get it back?

The ants got it right: