Saturday, 27 July 2013

"Civilization People" Are Stupider Than Spiders

So who is "stupider"?
Spiders or those so called civilization people [you know who you are - especially if you can read this! :)]

Well, let's see....

Spiders kill insects that spread disease
Humans spread disease - literally and figuratively!

Spiders eat only what they need
Humans eat and eat and eat

Spiders don't get fat
Humans eat stupid "food" and get fat

Spiders under-stand limits
Humans "want" [or are told/taught to want] more and more and more... 

Spiders keep harmony in the world
Humans [supposed civilized ones] create eco-logical, economical, ... im-balance

Spiders keep humans alive
Humans [silly ones} kill spiders

Spiders capture and suck the blood of weaker be-ings
Humans [especially those in wealthy nations] attack, kill and suck the blood of the poor and weaker ones
 .....oops that's a similarity...

Click for a cool spider video

Friday, 19 July 2013

Using Beauty To Beat The Bugs

Rather than insecticides to control insects, we can do many more constructive and often more effective things. Here's some great ideas from EcoFarm & Garden Magazine Spring 2003:

Sunday, 14 July 2013

From Lake To Land To Sky - Fly Mosquito Eater...

This amazing insect came from a totally indistinguishable past! See our Facebook page to see it's past. Watching it transform was amazing! We need to protect out waterways or these will not exist! And with Stephen Harper abandoning the Fisheries Act, they are more apt to not survive. So contact your local politicians and demand protection of our vital resources.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Alien Obeys: 123 Poop It Out!

What is today's fascination with duty, doody, poop.... all about? Or is Sarah Silverman just all wrong? Well, even the aliens and bugs like doing it, so it can't be all that bad! En-joy the butt shot! Viewer discretion advised!

More pics here