Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What Prickles You May Bring Joy To Your Eyes!

The pricklers may be a pain....but they sure are beauy-full! And some are also great blood purifiers and detoxifiers! So let us not be stupid and classify "good" "bad" "ugly" ...And look at these fall flowers!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Do The Right Thing

Okay, Obama! We all need to do the right thing - even if it costs "us" something.

It is very expensive to not be part of the problem. Let me count the ways....

  • I might get in shape if walk or ride
  • I might make a new friend if I carpool
  • I will save money
  • I won't pollute
  • I won't contribute to the death of people murdered for oil
  • I won't help destroy Canada [Tar Sands - unethical to say the least]
  • I can spend meaning-full time with my kids exercising
  • I can model responsible behaviour [for my kids and others]
  • I will improve my digestion and, hence, my immune system
Just a few benefits...for we must look at things from a capitalistic/production model: what will I gain.What about the chippy? Also see here for more: