Saturday, 29 June 2013

Beneficial Insects - Rescue Me!

There are so many beneficial insects that will keep the "bad guys" in check - if - we allow them! By not using toxic pesticide and creating a more natural/nature-like environment, they will thrive. This rove beetle is a great predator that even kills cabbage maggots. Yum!

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Spiders Save The Humans [Brain-Washed Dummies Refuse To Say Thanks]

Spiders, not only being fascinating little guys, save the human population from being over-taken by 'pests' and even dangerous insects. Here's one getting a large ant on my back screen door. So don't kill them! Keep them inside too to kill flies, fleas, ticks, and the odd mouse :):

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Enough Is Enough - Old Canadians Are Selfish And Greedy!

Wow! Today chatting with another retired old person. Again I see - or they out rightly proclaim they don't care about pollution, human impact, or much else other than their time and goals. A 75 year old man telling me all that matters is his life. Wow!

He's not the first! I have found that almost all of these retired dudes, people just don't care [about other humans, their impact on air, water, etc....about nature - and we are nature].

As a result, the poor victim below - shrieks in pain. Along with the snake I just saw on a very private road - almost the same spot. Not to mention the countless frogs....

We have to change if anyone can survive. It is saddening and bizarre that today, people can still be insane - with the sanction of business, government, bosses, police....

Yet they all jump on the anti-environmentalist 'bandwagon'. What is an enviro...? So you don't like clean air? Clean water.....Oh, yea...make somebody else care and try to cause less suffering of all - and you crap on them - and reap the benefits - while going on selfishly fucking your fellow humans, animals, water, food, bugs, ....

So sorry....I forgot - all that matters is you, your 'en-joy-ment'....your consumer-ism!

Am I weird? Who is living in real-it-y? "sorry" I am not insane...bring back the mirror! 

To destroy your habitat - that is insanity!

Saturday, 8 June 2013


The wonders of spring/summer....what will this look like in a few days? Stay tuned....And see my facebook for more...

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Earth Is Alive - So Stop Being So Grumpy!

Amazing time of year...walking outside at night, the earth is moving...well the worms are pooping [sic] in and out of the soil....rustling the leaves....scurrying as they sense me coming! It sounds like the earth is alive....which are both true!

And this guy was on my front window one night....check out the suction!

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