Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Arrogant Dick-heads [rich of course]


Dick head _____ spewed off

About how recent research is usually wrong

It’s impossible to have a reason-able

Dia-logue is disrupted – no never begun

Because people, like him,

“think” they know it all

Yet all they know is their anger and

Emotions of pride, fear and arrogance

Know-ledge is not valued

Emotions – EGO is all that drives

These people

But are they people?

Or just regurgitating machines

That just “care” about their vacations

In poor, hot countries

I’d like to see them survive outside their guarded resorts

And guarded hearts and closed minds

Take away their fast cars

Many big screen tv’s

Huge steaks

Big mouths

And little, little mean hearts

Take them out of their comfort

[oh so comfortable] zones

And they might collapse or start

To see the evil of their ways

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