Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Enough Is Enough - Old Canadians Are Selfish And Greedy!

Wow! Today chatting with another retired old person. Again I see - or they out rightly proclaim they don't care about pollution, human impact, or much else other than their time and goals. A 75 year old man telling me all that matters is his life. Wow!

He's not the first! I have found that almost all of these retired dudes, people just don't care [about other humans, their impact on air, water, etc....about nature - and we are nature].

As a result, the poor victim below - shrieks in pain. Along with the snake I just saw on a very private road - almost the same spot. Not to mention the countless frogs....

We have to change if anyone can survive. It is saddening and bizarre that today, people can still be insane - with the sanction of business, government, bosses, police....

Yet they all jump on the anti-environmentalist 'bandwagon'. What is an enviro...? So you don't like clean air? Clean water.....Oh, yea...make somebody else care and try to cause less suffering of all - and you crap on them - and reap the benefits - while going on selfishly fucking your fellow humans, animals, water, food, bugs, ....

So sorry....I forgot - all that matters is you, your 'en-joy-ment'....your consumer-ism!

Am I weird? Who is living in real-it-y? "sorry" I am not insane...bring back the mirror! 

To destroy your habitat - that is insanity!

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