Saturday, 27 July 2013

"Civilization People" Are Stupider Than Spiders

So who is "stupider"?
Spiders or those so called civilization people [you know who you are - especially if you can read this! :)]

Well, let's see....

Spiders kill insects that spread disease
Humans spread disease - literally and figuratively!

Spiders eat only what they need
Humans eat and eat and eat

Spiders don't get fat
Humans eat stupid "food" and get fat

Spiders under-stand limits
Humans "want" [or are told/taught to want] more and more and more... 

Spiders keep harmony in the world
Humans [supposed civilized ones] create eco-logical, economical, ... im-balance

Spiders keep humans alive
Humans [silly ones} kill spiders

Spiders capture and suck the blood of weaker be-ings
Humans [especially those in wealthy nations] attack, kill and suck the blood of the poor and weaker ones
 .....oops that's a similarity...

Click for a cool spider video

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