Thursday, 7 November 2013

Cars {YOU} Are The #1 Killer Of Children


It's true! Cars are the #1 killer of children...and young adults. This of course does not even come near the truth about the suffering caused by invasions like the recent ones against Iraq and Afghanistan that leave 4-5,000,000 refuges. Not only did 2,000,000 die, but the country continues to be in shambles and many die daily! "Peace and security" - well maybe for Haliburton and large contract companies and the U.S. military.

But even the 2,000,000 U.S. soldiers don't have peace. It is estimated that 30% or about 500,000 of them suffer from PTSD and brain damage. Washington Post's David Finkel was in Iraq and testifies to the horrors even the American soldier still experience - in his latest book and on TVO.But what about what the Iraqis? They were the ones being invaded! They had no choice!

Sadly that even if an American soldier wants to leave after seeing how s/he has been lied to, ie. "we're there to help", they will end up in prison if they don't continue. Wow...what freedom! The American anthem of freedom gets silenced...sshhhh. When some soldiers come to Canada for asylum, sadly, Harper rejects them. But why are they not allowed to be free? Quite the double speak!

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