Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rule #1: Big Boys Don't Cry

Wow. When was the last time a male said "I'm hurt by what you said/did...." or "I cried last night..."

We live in such a repressive, macho society. Males are i-solated and a-lone. And lone-ly [but who would admit that? - a big boy would! - and somebody who was in touch with him-self and honest]

How many males never, in their entire lives connect with their vulnerable/feminine? [why categorize this as feminine?] side and has the courage to share it?

It's "okay" for a male to yell, hit another male, swear...[at least amongst other "equal" males].

But when is it okay for a man to show an emotion of sadness, pain, a way that makes him appear "weak".

In real-it-y it takes a lot more "balls" to say something gently and to be vulnerable - than it does to say to oneself or another: "just get over it"..."what the big deal"..."don't be such a pussy/girl"...etc., ad nauseum.

Violence to one-self [and to others as a result]

Isn't it time that the glorification/idolatry of violence in sports/hollywood crap movies/video games/war/police be replaced with genuine vulnerability, honesty [in an "I message" form] and care?

Shame how very little change we see/feel/hear today.

Big boys DO cry and have the courage to admit it!

Cold-ness like this pic needs to be re-placed with warm ex-changes. But doesn't the ice look amazing! See here for more.

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