Sunday, 6 April 2014

Insanity: Destroying Your Habitat: The Air, Water, Soil, Living Be-ings....

Today is one of the first warm days. It's been a cold and wonder-full winter as the pics on the blog replicate.

With the warm weather comes the stupid-i-ty and dis-connect-edness of modern man. MM just got back from a warmer climate yesterday! First day back, he gets out his snow blower, turns it on, and leaves it on. Hmmm. A waste of fuel you might think. Polluting without a qualm you might guess. Hmmm. I wonder too. The noise is very irritating. Is there not a more responsible and moral way to empty a tank of gas?

But how dare one MM to approach another MM with such concerns. MM is a rugged individual and only thinks of himself. But he has not learned to think. Neither has he learned to think for himself. Nor does he look at his connect-i-on to the world a-round him. Nor does he connect to his senses. He is only left with his pride, arrogance and stupidity.

He takes his cue from TV ads, from industry men, and the like.

What has such a small number of people been able to destroy their own, and others habitats without even a thought? MM, of course, does this through resource exploitation and dropping bombs. The inhabitants - human and non-human suffer as a result. The cancer rates in Iraq from the U.S. dropping depleted uranium bombs testify.

One of the last ice formations for the year...sad in some losing an old friend. But that friend will return. Click for more

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