Monday, 10 November 2014

"The War To End All Wars" Lest We Forget!

Isn't it "odd" that we get all sentimental about WWI. Yet "we" - i.e. Canadian and American governments, industry, business - forget the horrors of that and all war.

When the "attack" on 2 Canadian soldiers happened last month, Stephen Harper quickly said we need MORE war against Canadian people - through greater surveillance, increased power to CSIS and the police. Are people so brain washed to give up their civil liberties so quickly. Usually we hear the chant: "we are so free in a democracy such as ours"...

Yet doesn't anyone question the narrative provided ad nauseum by the corporate media. The CBC was the end of the world was happening...but "Canada" was uniting...Huh? Harper has been at war for 13 years...isn't it time their was reprisal?

But who defines "terror". Normally it is defined as attacks on civilians. Yet here, the loud voices want to exploit the compliant Canadians with more lies.

And who questions the narrative that this was a tragedy. Of course all death is. But perhaps this was staged. What?!!! Blasphemy! The nature of war/greed/propaganda rationalizes all such actions. Just look at the present and history. How many Iraq war vets commit suicide daily? 2? No! 22!!!

Does anyone wonder why the "events" happened right before the passing of more funding/powers to CSIS?
Hmm..."Get the people filled with fear...and they will do anything you tell them..." [I think I heard Harper whisper]...

Lest we forget how easily we are brain washed...and may we "get off our high horses" and be moved to compassion of the victims of war [including the soldiers]:

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