Monday, 4 May 2015

The Soil Is A-Live: Pooping And Having Babies

Walking on "my" land
The leaves moving
Rustle Rustle, Russell?
What/who is it?

I get scared
I run
I hide
I come back

I must get the torch
I want to see
What I hear
What is it?

I see the fiddle heads popping up
I hear the leaves move
Is there an animal playing in them?
Is something fighting?

I sneak up
I peek
I hear the peepers far away
Clothing the night in bliss

The leaves move
I get a glimpse
A huge worm has made a tunnel
And now is….

Pulling the leaves
Down into the hole
Chewing Eating Pooping
A great resource

But I walk by the neighbour’s
Silent Dead Lawn
The Silent Sound Of Death

But “our” land
Is A-live
Full of worms
And poop

Perhaps no queefs
Or farts
But just poop
That will feed the plants

Popping out of the soil
The new plants spring forth
In the spring
Full of life, as is their womb.

The land is not mine
It is ours
Two hand-fulls of soil
Have over 6000000000 life forms in it

We share this precious place
So I feed them
I provide a home
And they provide a home for me

And they provide life
The soil sequesters the carbon that "we" make
But we need to stop making
And, rather, make more a home

A living hone
For the worms and other organisms
That partner with us
To make a home for us all.

1 comment:

  1. I Love it... I've seen similar. Seen worms having a tug of war over the same leafy strand, must have been especially tasty! I've seen dry, lifeless soil, brought to life when inundated with worm holes, as they were invited back. This on a small scale of the apartment grounds I tend... living here I have to deal with 'people'. Most of which would kill off anything that moves anywhere near 'their' garden... Some even suggested 'oh why don't they just bring back DDT, that stuff got rid of everything!'
    There are too many thoughtless mindless people! They would see the same miniature tug of war going on, and douse the area with gasoline and toss in a match, thinking this was a wonderful thing to do! You moved, your not a peeple you're not cute! So DieDieDie!