Thursday, 24 December 2015

U.S. Justice: Dream Somebody Rapes You And He Will Go To Jail! Well, If He Is Black...

Today Clarence Moses-El is out of prison. 
All the evidence says he is/was innocent. 
Even the real rapist has confessed.

 How did Moses-El get convicted? 
Well, simply put, the woman dreamed it was he who raped her. 
Some dream!
Some night-mare!
Some "justice" system.

Evidence ignored
Rational-ity denied

Even after raising money while in prison to get the evidence checked for DNA etc., the box - marked "Do Not Destroy" was destroyed by the police. 
There to "serve and protect"

Even after the rapist confesses
The court sat on the confession
2 years!!!

And even today the DA who has been after him still wants another trial. Hmmm. Justice?

An innocent man locked away for 28 years.
Police and court corruption

Past time for reform
The system needs to be destroyed
Let the people rule
Let justice begin! 

See for more and Moses-El's facebook page

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