Monday, 9 April 2018

MLK Was Not Constipated

Constipated people
Grumpy people
Clinging to their pettiness
Dirty floor

After a most beauty-full
Snowfall in April:
“It would be beautiful
IF in December”

It stands out more now
Trees covered with white gold
Out-standing glory

Petty people
With no-thing to say but shit
With-holding glee
With-holding play-full-ness

Whiny little brats
Using all the earth’s resources
In the blink of a moment
Without a blink of the eye

Hearts covered in fear, anger and resent-ment
Having and taking so much
But giving nothing
Not even a shimmer of gratitude

On a national/world scale
The 3 evils Martin Luther King’s death anniversary smashes in our faces:
Racism, materialism, militarism
Abound in leaps and….

But the peepers still come out
Calling out for mates
The joy of spring surpasses
The little people that fill in the marsh for their McMansion

The toadies can see at night
They know their environment
And do nothing to damage it
It is all they have

Yet “civilized” people continue to escalate in numbers
Far beyond the habitat can bear
Using more and more
Devouring their habitat

Is this not insane?
To consciously devour “your” air, land, water
Instant grat-i-fication
Instant and long term cancer death trap

There is a way out
It requires sacrifice from the spoilt brats
It requires thinking, caring, act-ing
For other living be-ings

Tech will not “save” us
Start by getting out of your car/plane
Stopping war for the fuel for your car/plane/toxic herbicides and fertilizers
End your greed and lust for MORE and MORE and MORE and….

Time to grow up
Time to take respons-iblity
Time to end your dominance
Time to plant some roses to smell!

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