Saturday, 16 February 2013

Canadians Say They "Care" About The Environment

"The environment" is a big concern for Canadians, according to polls. Yet, in terms of act-i-on, of all the OECD nations, Canadians are near or at the bottom. Not only do they/we use more energy per person than any other nation - including those energy hogs [sorry piggies] - the Americans! And while we may be more "educated" about things like climate change, it makes no difference.

At a local grocery store today, chatting with a friend...we noted that the parking lot was full and no one was walking or riding their bikes. And while people say they want clean air and trim bodies - where's the effort?  Also noted how wimpy Canadians are! Sure the Tim Horton's commercial boast about our rugged toughness - but as a CBC Doc reported Canadians are wimps and want to flee to Florida! Btw, some Americans loved the Doc - stupid Canucks!

And what/where is this thing called "the environment" or "nature"? The problem is we see our-selves as separate. In fact, we are very connected. And as some like Chopra note, quantum physics reveals that even at a very basic atomic level there is connection.

All we have to do is stop, think, feel, smell...see that exhaust from the car....smell that exhaust....where's it go? What impact does it have on other humans and nonhumans? Vital to this discussion should be the topic of the energy/pollution to MAKE the car. And how many died to get the cheap oil for it? Did the Americans not invade Iraq for oil? Oops - I'm mistaken - they went there to free the people. Foreign powers all-ways invade other countries [breaking UN international laws] because they care. Though 2000000 children, women and men died...well...they did their best.

[Let's not mention the devastation from "ethical oil" from the Tar Sands. Wait one second while I get my blindfold on]

When will people here start acting out the Obama chant "do the right thing"?

While we think we are so deserving/entitled...what will create change? When will we be sane? Is it not insane to destroy one's habitat?

What is most disturbing that those who know about pollution, war, etc. still don't ACT on what they know. Christ Hedges recent talk apparently hasn't affected much change. How do people build up their knowledge yet not change? Why is act-i-on not as or more important than stocking ones' shelves with the right books?

Will we ever really do what the UK punk band Flux Of Pink Indians titled one of their albums Striving To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible?

Check out the $100 [cost of 1 or 2 fill-ups!] vehicle - "even" in the "harsh" Canadian winter! Note all the veges/fruit that can easily be carried - even riding up a mountain!

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