Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Murder in the name of Christ

I ride by and see the mass destruction
Done in the name of Christ-mass
I see all the killing
I see the terror

The death in the name of Christ-
Mass destruction of our planet
In the name of hollow convention
In the name of “pleasing” every one

But the earth is not pleased
The earth does not celebrate
She weeps as she is murdered

“Oh well, uh, they’re grown for the express
Purpose of being cut down for Christ-mass
So I feel totally justified in using it for
2 weeks and then sending it to the landfill”.

Grown to be killed
Trees, turkeys,…

Does this justify the killing?
Does this justify the polluting?

If we grow/raise children to be thrown
Into factories is that justifiable?
If we raise our children to go and kill others
[In the “righteous” name of war] is that justified?


Five little gummies
Sitting on the table
One screamed out
And pooped in my navel

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