Thursday, 11 April 2013

Slutty Pizza: Easy, Fast and Yummy

Or you may call it the 123poopitout pizza or the poop pizza! Key ingredient is a legume that looks like poop!

Here's the secret recipe:
1 whole wheat or {gluten free alternative} pita, chapatti, etc.
Pepper/egglpant spread or could you tomato sauce
Hot pepper
Cheese [or skip if vegan]
Cooked legume [poop imitators!]
Fresh cilantro/parsley or dill

1.Just spread the pepper spread on to pita.
2. Cut the onions/garlic into medium pieces and place on pita.
3. Shred or cut cheese thinly and place over most of pita.
4. Put "poops" on top.
5. Add a little salt and hot pepper.
6. Throw in toaster over or oven till cheese melts - about 3-5 minutes.
7. Put some cilantro, parsley etc. on it and dig in!

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