Saturday, 13 April 2013

War Is Not The Answer

At the end of the art crawl I went by a grocery store where the owner was throwing the dirty water onto the street. Like many Hamilton "convenience [read crap food]" stores, it was operated by a man from Iraq. We talked about the invasion of his country. He said things were generally fine until 2004 when the U.S. destroyed the country.

I asked if he was glad Sadam was dead. He said no. As long as you didn't do anything stupid and threaten Sadam, life was good. If you were bad, you paid for it.

He said before the American army invaded, it was safe. He said that stores would be looted here if the power went off. His store had been robbed here and the police were of no use.

We chatted about how oblivious Canadians and Americans are to the terror we sponsor. About 2000000 have died in Iraq. Many millions are refugees. How many think about this? Is cheap gas the only thing that matters? Are people so brain dead and obedient to some/any authority that they ignore justice, love, truth? Has convenience become our god? "Give me convenience or give me death" is chanted by our act-i-on-s!

Will we, who use more energy than any other country, will we ever stop being so greedy? When will we "sacrifice" so others may even live - both humans and nonhumans?!

As the sign on my lawn says:

This put a sober end to a night of mind-less cleave-age! What's up with that anyway? Have some women lost self-respect? While others starve/lose all - shouldn't we worry about this - and try to change our lives/the system that continues it vs. the obsession with boobies? An old sociology prof said they are just bags of fat and organs or something. But what does he know?!

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