Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Censorship Of Science - It's About Time, Nerds!

Let's clear something up, most nerds in science are cool! So what's up with censoring something most - well except for funda-mental-ists, perhaps - value? In Canada, the government still "funds" some science - but which "science"?

Well, according to Chris Turner, who has thoroughly researched the topic, it is not the industry-driven "science" that is suffering. In fact, there's lots of money going in this direction. But what is suffering is anything to do with climate change, the impact of the tar sands and the like - things that may "hinder" industry. For, as you know, Canada is up for sale to the highest bidder! "The Chinese" recently bought into the tar sands!

With a recent huge spill in the tar sands area, polluting fresh water and wells, we all should be concerned! 2,000,000 L of bitumen all over the place! The CNRL site's instruments didn't even detect the spill! It was found by chance. Another proof - don't trust industry to monitor itself!

And while there are some regulation on the extraction of bitumen, they date back to 1994 [the well bore integrity regulations]. With out of date regs and no limits on the extraction of water, or bitumen, well, you guess what the results will be!

But Harper is not concerned! The huge "omnibus" bill is wonder-ful piece of evil. Not only wiping out the fisheries act,  environment assessments for pipe lines, it is a gift to large polluting industries. Hey, who needs water, air, land,...oh yea...we do!

Even when government scientist go to "scientist conferences",  they may read their approved papers, but they can not respond to questions. How dare they want to! Instead their communications team will take care of it "for" them. Ah, free-dom of speech indeed! Keep blind, Oh, Canada!

Hear the great interview on CBC here. Perhaps my science kit will be of more assistance to find the truth than what I can hear from government scientists:

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