Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Climate Change Is Real And Extreme Weather Is Evidence

Good thing Donald Trump's hair trumps the legitimacy of what he says! Oh yes, cold weather proves global warming isn't real. Just check the heat in Australia and the massive heat waves and droughts the last 10 years! Localized temperatures for a few days have little significance.

But Fox news and the like will take any opportunity to deny what almost all [95%] scientist agree on - climate change is real. No peer reviewed journals contradict this! Only stupid - yes, stupid and self interested TV people [not real journalists] and heads of large polluting corporations deny the fact[s]. Why? Vested interests!

The greedy continue to push for domination of nature, their fellow humans...resources, money, status, wealth is at stake. Mean-while many already are effected by massive droughts. From the Masai of Africa to farmers in North America, crops and animals have been devastated!

We need to change NOW - or there will not be enough water, land, food. The "first world" uses most of the resources. Yet people stubbornly and greedily refuse to listen/change. Let love for our fellow creatures guide us - not self-ishness.

Here's a beautiful pic from the recent cold - see any likeness to "real" things? See also here for more pics:

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