Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Water Shortages Worse Than Ever

While most Canadians and Americans don't think or care much about the water they use, 1,200,000,000 people are in dire need of water, according to the UN. People flush away their "waste" without thinking about all the water used...nor the alternatives. Composting toilets use little or no water.

But the main users of water are industry - both industrial agriculture and other types of industry. Oil extraction and fracking use massive amounts too - another reason to not drive and to work toward more sustain-able forms of transportation. Growing your own food, or buying local and especially organic food makes a big difference.

Any talk of the population explosion must take seriously this precious "resource".  A film to take seriously is How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth? A clear distinction must be made between those who use hardly any resources/energy and the "fat cats" of developed countries. For example, the earth could sustain 15 billion people if we lived like those who use few resources. But it can only sustain 1 billion of good consumer citizens of North America.

Shame that many supposed "Christians" live in North America and proudly proclaim concepts like "loving your neighbour" close to their hearts. Yet, from their act-i-ons, do more to harm their neighbours than helping them! Well, the 2,000,000 dead Iraqis may slightly disagree with me.

The extensive droughts recently should make us think and change our way of farming and living. Soaring food prices have been and will be a reality. Many poor countries, especially in Africa are essentially being bought to grow food for the rich "developed" countries. We need to heed the call and warnings. No one can deny the damage done to the earth [including people] by unfettered capitalism and consumption. It is time to stop being greedy and think about others who have little or nothing.

Fortunately this winter has provided a fair bit of precipitation as evidenced in this pic. See here for more.

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