Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Keep Lying

Um, no I don't smell any-thing
come out of my exhaust pipe

How could pollution from humans
affect anything?

What about the jobs?

The economy is more important than ____________--.....

Don't you know climate scientist just want more money?

I only believe facts that the oil industry tells me.

Mass Media has no vested interest! They would never censor any-thing. They would NEVER lie.

I am very trusting of those well dressed, in uniforms, and especially white people.

Facts are the first casualty in the war of words
                                and profit
they are unclean

Follow "your" leader, instead:
...."your" business leaders, "your" president, "your" religious leaders, "your" teachers, "your" police... 

Note: we like to think these entities are "owned" by us in some way...or have allegiance to us...dream on. Look at the recent events in Ferguson, USA, for an example of how the police are an entity unto them-selves...not "ours"....and the courts are ruled by them, preventing any charges. Who gets charged when a black man in NYC is choked to death by a cop...the cop doesn't get charged but the man who filmed it did!!! Click here for more.

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