Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Illusion Of FREE -dom

The ultimate symbol of "freedom" in North America is the car. Getting ones' license and then finally, one day, a certainly makes a real man out of the male.

So let's "unpack" this a little. So the real man will now be in debt much of his life [and the car's life]. He will be a slave to his job. OH....first he has to get a job. His slavery will help pay off his real boss: the bank. So he will live in fear: of his bosses, of losing his job...of his "baby" getting damaged....gas prices going indeed!

He will now possess the leading murder weapon of children - i.e. the number one thing that kills kids! Also the numero uno killer of adults: wars are fought...invasions "launched" to supply our real man's car with fuel. Iraq had about 2,000,000,000 murdered for him....and about 5,000,000,000 refuges still suffer. But let's not talk about real-it-y. "Don't touch my car".......He lives in fear..

Then we have very destructive other sources of fuel: the Tar Sands and fracking. Both are very destructive and use immense amounts of water. And the emissions from the Tar Sands are the number 1 contributor to greenhouse gases in Canada, perhaps the world. And Harper has failed to show any concern.

The resources to build cars and the roadways are beyond imagining. Wiping out habitats, roads, invade and devour ALL!

Climate change....heck.....pollution....huh....the greed and deluded Canadians and Americans....justify our extremely selfish "way of living" ignoring the most important truths of today. We use most of the resources of the world...and most just don't care. And yet, there is not even a second thought as we devour each other, the air, water, land....

Sounds like insanity to me...not free-dom. The worship of "freedom" must end. Responsible, sustainable and fair use of our habitat must take precedence....replacing the idolatry of materialism, individualism and "freedom".

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