Saturday, 7 June 2014

I Am [And The NSA] Listening, Please Continue...


We Canadians and Americans value, if not worship our freedom...or at least the illusion of it.

Thanks to a true patriot, Edward Snowden and Wiki-leaks we have become aware that we are not alone! All communication: email, telephone, cell, skype,...are being monitored and collected.

Is this "freedom"? Oh yea - "they" are protecting us from the "terrorists". Ha.

The NSA and the Canadian equivalent, the CSEC spy on us - are right now. But, remember, it's for our own good. You never know who is a terrorist. Well, actually, the largest state terrorists are the U.S., as Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky noted decades ago!

Obama reassures the Americans "we would never spy on American citizens". Lie. He soon was found, again, to be lying. The Canadian government reassures stupid Canadians "Oh don't worry we love you - we will protect you". Yes sir!

Besides, other countries spy on us, and our government conveniently "trades" information with them [Canada, U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand].

 Much of the spying is done for economic reasons also...that is, spying on foreign companies/governments to know their secrets [ah, the spying on  Brasil scandal].

Tax cuts for the rich we hear more about. Meanwhile CSEC spend $1.2 BILLION on their new building. Don't you feel better.

The NSA has spied on Americans via webcams - even when offline.

The NSA has interrupted routers being shipped from Cisco and put tracking devices in the units.

BELL Canada is collecting meta-data. Did they ask you for permission?

The Border "Police" hassle, deny access, interrogate, intimidate people who report on the issues above, such as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

Those who open our eyes to the truth are considered unpatriotic! 

We are in a frightening time when many, if not most, Canadians and Americans trust their government/big businesses and will hand over their rights to them.

Get informed. Demand freedom for all - especially those with dissenting views. This is a "democracy" isn't it?
Write your local newspapers. Contact your government officials. Educate others.Watch/listen to Democracy the media.....

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