Friday, 13 June 2014

The Poor Suffer Most From Environmental Injury

Who works in the factories? Who lives in the most polluted parts of the city? Where are the incinerators located [and yes they spew out dioxins if burning plastic...or other toxins]? Where is there increased stress from constant traffic noise? Who lives here?

Who can "cut and run"? Who benefits from polluting the streams? Who builds huge dams? Who diverts the water flow so that no water even reaches the ocean anymore? Who eats the food they grow? What vehicle gets more "nutrition" than many humans?

Who cuts the ancient forests? Who flies off to a remote paradise behind guarded walls?

Who is left in the grime? Who is breathing the polluted air even on high smog days? Who created the smog?

Who owns the means of production [factories, stores, land, us]....?

When will we revolt? When will we say enough is enough? Who will have the courage and rage to step step on the masters?

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