Wednesday, 25 September 2013

An-Other Victim Of "Civilized" People

Most know that frogs are one of the first to die or be deformed as a result of human impact on the eco-system. Whether deaths be from pesticides or cars - we see more and more dying each year. See here for great info and what you can do. The obvious things we can do include eating organic food, local food, driving less or not at all. Especially after it rains, toads and frogs go on to the roads. So we need to drive very closely...or walk carefully! I have semi-stepped on a toad...felt him underneath so I didn't hurt him. What a relief. Would never want to hurt these guys!

Creating eco-systems for them to live in is also vital. Both in our yards and the whole world - we need to keep things as undisturbed as possible. We need to view world from a nonhuman perspective before we decide how to live/move/eat etc. A healthy human approach would do the same - working toward harmony - not domination of any human or nonhuman.

These all require individual actions but also institutional/systemic changes. The reign of "rugged individualism" and global capitalism must end. Well, they are just illusions anyway. The bailouts of 2008 show both don't work! And in a purely capitalistic state, the government would not bail out! In many ways we live in a socialist state.

The frightening thing is that even conservatives see the bank system as having changed VERY little! They also see a future collapse as inevitable. See TVO's  The Agenda for the discussion. Armine Yalnizyan has some fascinating analysis - more on here at policyalternatives and TVO.

An-other victim of human impact is pictured above. See past posts for more and here.

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