Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cup Plant Attracts Wonder-full Butterflies!

Wow! Just 12 hours after posting the last one on the cup plant...guess who arrives? 2 amazing large butterflies! See here for more - the male Canadian Tiger Swallowtail.

Are these not enough to motivate people to stop worshiping their lawns? How common is it to hear some dude "well I have to cut the grass.......what will the neighbours think?". Ugh! Start using your brain, conscience and "free" "will"! "Be a the right thing!"

Stop watching those stupid, lying TV commercials that tell you that "weeds" are evil. Who decides what weeds are? Who says they are evil? Who benefits from convinces us [wow, aren't we easily convinced!] that they are evil - perhaps biological terrorists - and must be eradicated! We will even use toxins that kill insects, worms, birds, pollute waterways, wells....all just to step in obey/follow the company, neighbour, society....

"Be a the right thing!"

To reveal the stupidity: the dandelion is the stock [example] weed. Hmmm. Can it not be eaten? Is it not medicine? Is it not food also for insects? Is it not beautiful? [Unless you have been brain-washed...literally sold your mind/eyes to the pesticide companies]....

Come on boys! "Be a the right thing!"

One of the largest butterflies in North America is this giant swallowtail - rare in Southern Ontario:

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