Thursday, 12 September 2013

Plant Anything But Grass To Attract These!

The world is so full of diversity! Yet some North Americans who have land are obsessed with mono-culture. Whether it be the huge broccoli field or the enormous factory farm - both are destructive and unfriendly to both the human and nonhuman world.

Grass is another mono-culture. Lawn mowers pollute as much as driving some 200-500 km. They have no pollution control. Regardless, cars are extremely polluting - lawn mowers more so. And cutting grass is a waste of time! Grow some veges or at least plants that supply food for butterflies, bees, ....

If you like honey/fruit..., bees need certain plants to get "food" from. Grass is NOT one of them. Dandelions are though. So grow them instead! But that means challenging the status quo and actually thinking and caring.

Upon altering ones area, or keeping it from being altered to begin with, we may see wonders like these [ok, maybe not this one in Canada... To see more go here]:

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